Change gallery display

In Photo Album, you can change the way you view photos and videos.

  1. Enter the URL in your Web browser for the Photo Album you want to view. For example,

    Note: If you own a Photo Album account, you can change the default view for your visitors. For more information, see Manage my album site settings.

  2. Click the thumbnail of the gallery you want to view.
  3. Set the view by clicking one of the following tabs:
    • Thumbnails — Displays the photos and videos as thumbnails. If you click on a video thumbnail, it plays the video.
    • Slideshow — Displays photos and videos which automatically play in a slideshow. Use the controls below the slideshow to stop, play, or scroll through photos or videos in the slideshow. You can also adjust the speed of the slideshow.

      Note: Slideshows can play music. For more information, see Adding music to my slideshow.

    • Filmstrip — Displays photos and videos in a filmstrip. Click a photo or video to view or play. Use the scroll bar to view the previous or next photo or video in the filmstrip.
  4. The photos and videos display as you selected.

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