Displaying Default Currencies on Your Reseller Storefront

If you want your reseller storefront's customers to see a currency other than US dollars (USD) by default, you can create a custom link to your storefront.

Note: This method prompts your storefront's first-time visitors to select a currency to display. However, on subsequent visits, the currency you specify displays.

To Display Other Currencies on Your Reseller Storefront

You must add the parameter &currencyType=*** to the link to your reseller storefront, where *** is the three-character currency code you want to use:

  • AUD (Australian dollar)
  • BRL (Brazil real)
  • CAD (Canadian dollar)
  • CHF (Swiss franc)
  • EUR (Euro)
  • GBP (British pounds sterling)
  • INR (Indian rupee)
  • JPY (Japanese yen)
  • MXN (Mexican peso)
  • USD (United States dollar)

For example, to make your storefront display in EUR, use this URL (note the underlined parameter): http://www.secureserver.net/?prog_id=PROGID&currencyType=EUR where PROGID is your reseller Prog Id. For more information, see Customizing Your Reseller Program ID.

At this time, only this method lets you display other currencies by default. If a visitor comes to your storefront by entering your storefront URL directly, prices display in USD.

However, you can use this method with your forwarded domain name to specify your storefront's default currency. For more information, see Forwarding Your Domain Name to Your Reseller Storefront. Remember to add &currencyType=*** to your forwarding URL.

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