Importing SQL Server Database Objects

When importing a SQL Server database from an existing hosting account to your Windows shared hosting account, you can script out the existing database objects. By running the resulting scripts in your Windows shared hosting account SQL Server Web Admin Query Analyzer, you avoid manually setting up database tables.

Note: This article assumes that you have access to SQL Server Enterprise Manager for the scripting out of existing database objects and that a SQL Server database has been created in your Windows shared hosting account. For more information, see Setting up a SQL Server Database on Your Hosting Account.

To Script Database Objects Using SQL Server Enterprise Manager

  1. Open SQL Server Enterprise Manager.
  2. In the left navigation, expand Microsoft SQL Servers and SQL Server Group.
  3. Expand the appropriate server and its Databases folder.
  4. Click the appropriate database.
  5. Under the Tasks menu, select Generate Script.
  6. Click Show All and in the Object to script panel, select All tables.
  7. Click Preview to see the script and click Copy to save it to the clipboard.

To Import Database Objects Through the SQL Server Admin Tool

  1. Log in to your SQL Server database's admin tool. For more information, see MS SQL Server admin tool login information.
  2. Expand the Tools folder, and then click Query Analyser.
  3. Paste the contents from the last step of To Script Database Objects Using SQL Server Enterprise Manager into the Query Analyser, and then click Execute.

For information about SQL Server data import, see Importing Data Into a SQL Server Database.

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