Request delegate access to reseller customer accounts

If you need to help a customer manage their account, you can request delegate access via the Reseller Control Center (RCC). Having delegate access allows you to manage your customer's account without needing the account's password.

Required: In order to access your customer's accounts, you will need to have two-step authentication enabled on your GoDaddy account.

Request access to customer accounts through the Reseller Control Center (RCC)

Note: You will only need to request access for existing customers, or if you want to enable purchasing power via delegate access. All new customers will have limited access automatically enabled.

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and open your Reseller Control Center.
  2. Access your Customer Lookup report by clicking Reports and then Customer Lookup.
  3. Click on the customer name for the account that you want to request delegate access.
  4. Click Request Access, and then select the level of access that you want to your customer's account.
  5. Once your customer approves your delegate access request, you will be able to launch into their accounts from the RCC.

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