Sending Receipts to Intuit QuickBooks

You can send Quick Shopping Cart® receipts to Intuit® QuickBooks® if you subscribe to the Quick Shopping Cart Deluxe or Premium plan. If you do not currently subscribe to a Deluxe or Premium plan, you can upgrade at any time. To send your Quick Shopping Cart receipts to QuickBooks, you must activate QuickBooks Integration, and then download, install, and configure the QuickBooks Web Connector.

For instructions on setting up QuickBooks Integration, see the QuickBooks Quick Start Guide, and follow the instructions to download, install, and configure the QuickBooks Web Connector, which allows Quick Shipping Cart and QuickBooks to exchange data.

Once you have set up the integration, Quick Shopping Cart receipts are sent to QuickBooks automatically on the schedule set in the QuickBooks Web Connector. Depending on your selection in the QuickBooks Application Certificate, QuickBooks may prompt you to accept the download, or the download may not take place unless QuickBooks is open. You can also send the data manually any time you want.

Note: Quick Shopping Cart and Quickbooks can only be integrated using Windows® PCs.

To Manually Transfer Sales Receipts into QuickBooks

  1. Open QuickBooks.
  2. Launch the QuickBooks Web Connector.
  3. In the QuickBooks Web Connector, select Quick Shopping Cart Web Service.
  4. Click Update Selected.

For more information on using QuickBooks, refer to the QuickBooks Quick Start Guide.

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