Understanding Your CashParking Report

Your CashParking report provides a detailed overview of all activity on your CashParking account. It includes the following elements:

The domains associated with your CashParking account.
The total revenue generated through CashParking within the selected time frame, rounded to two decimal points.

Note: Actual revenue is rounded to four decimal points; however, the CashParking report rounds revenue to two decimal points. Discrepancies occasionally occur because of the rounding differences.

The total revenue generated with Pop-Under advertisements within the selected time frame. Pop-Under advertisements display in a separate window under the active browser window.
The number of times visitors clicked advertisements displayed on your CashParking page.
The number of times visitors have seen, but not necessarily clicked, advertisements on your CashParking page.
US Impressions
The number of times visitors from the U.S. have seen, but not necessarily clicked, advertisements on your CashParking page.
CPC (Cost Per Click)
The amount our advertising partners paid each time a visitor clicked an advertisement on your CashParking page.
RPM (Revenue Per Mil)
Revenue Per Mil. The average revenue generated for each 1000 impressions of advertisements on your CashParking page (Revenue/Impressions x 1000 = RPM).
CTR (Click-through Rate)
The relative number of times visitors to your CashParking page clicked the displayed advertisements (Clicks/Impressions x 100 = CTR).

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