Why would I need additional (File Transfer Protocol) FTP users?

There are several reasons why you might consider creating an additional (File Transfer Protocol) FTP user on your shared hosting account:

  • To create an administrator or webmaster account for your website.
  • To provide access to a subdomain on your hosting account.
  • To allow others to set up websites using your hosting account.

For example, you may have a friend who needs to post a resume online. Using this feature, you can easily create an FTP user account for your friend and set up a directory on your website that he or she can access and upload files to. This new FTP user would only have access to his or her personal directory, not all of the files on your hosting account.

Multiple FTP user accounts are available on:

  • All Linux hosting plans
  • Windows hosting plans running IIS 7

For more information on creating additional FTP users, see Add FTP users in Web & Classic hosting.

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